How to become a vampire fiction style

Most of all today’s vampire fiction is based on 18th-century poetry and stores. The once that first created the modern sophisticated and charismatic vampire was The Vampyre (1819), Varney the Vampire (1847), Carmilla (1871) and of course that most well known of them all, Dracula from 1897 by author Bram Stoker. But the first time vampire was ever mentioned in English literature was in the poem Thalaba the Destroyer (1797). Vampires have over the years been getting new powers, attributes and of course weaknesses incorporated into what most consider to be a “vampire” today.

This makes fiction vampires complex and theirs more than one way to become a vampire. The three most common ways to become vampire is by birth (Natural vampire), being bitten or through death (created vampire), where the last two often are a combination. Just being bitten is often not enough to become vampire, most humans who are being completely drained of blood dies shortly afterwards. There is often some kind of ritual involved like being buried alive right after been bitten or drink the attacking vampires blood in.

But lets start from the beginning, Dracula is a great example of the bite/die combo and this is how he did it in the original book from 1987.

Count Dracula turns one of his victims Miss Lucy by feeding of her several nights over a period of 1 or 2 weeks. Dracula feed on here by piercing her neck and drinking here blood. And then the transformation had began and each day Lucy became weaker and paler until the near end of the transformation when she started to feel better at night and also show sighs of her teeth growing and being sharper than normal.  At last she died which completes her transformation and she awakened vampire.

Dracula also tried to transform Mina Harker into a vampire but failed.  Mina was exposed for the same sort of treatment from Dracula and she also drank some of his blood which is not mention for Miss Lucy in the book but may be a step in the transformation process. Unfortunately Dracula gets killed before Mina’s transformation into a vampire is completed and she starts to feel better and recovers. This leads to the assumptions that all vampire who initializing an transformation must stay alive until the transformation is completed, or at least in this book it dose.

How to become a Vampire for real